All 3 Assorted Resiustance Bands

All 3 Assorted Resistance Bands

All 3 resistance bands! Great for a full range of workouts

Included: Yellow Band (5-15 lbs), Red Band (10-30 lbs), Purple Band (30-80 lbs)
Yellow Resistance Pull Up Band (5-15 lbs)

5-15 lbs resistance band

Light resistance

Great for beginning your resistance training and helping warm up.

Some find the light band to be a great way to aid in post therapy training.
Red Resistance Pull Up Band (10-30 lbs)

15-30 lbs resistance band

Medium resistance

Great for moderate to advance training.

Some find this medium band to be a great replacement for resistance training as apposed to traditional weights.
Purple Resistance Pull Up Band (30-80 lbs)

30-80 lbs resistance band

Heavy resistance

Great for advanced lifters looking to push past thresholds

Some find this band to be the perfect start aiding in body weight resistance exercises, such as a pull ups or dips.
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