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March 1, 2024

I had the pleasure of working with Eric who possesses an impressive level of knowledge in training. Not only was he able to tailor exercises to help me alleviate knee pain, but his expertise in stick mobility added a unique and effective dimension to our sessions. I highly recommend Eric for anyone seeking personalized and results-driven training.

Elizabeth Kluger
August 17, 2023

Just finished a year training with Eric. I’ve had chronic lower back issues due to a herniated disc. Eric helped me strengthen my back where now i have no fear of injuring the area anymore. His programming is excellent. Each new block we would discuss goals i was looking to hit and how i wanted to achieve them. Ive lost weight and added muscle without getting hurt. Eric is extremely knowledgeable making micro adjustments to the programming if changes needed to be made. He has great attitude and communication skills. He wants the best for his clients and it shows. I would recommend Eric to anyone of any looking to get in shape.

John Lettiere
August 12, 2022

I cannot say enough about Eric-his professionalism, knowledge of how the body works and his determination to help you achieve a better life. We hired Eric to help my husband build strength after a massive stroke. Eric started out with the basics as he was initially limited on what he can do. As my husband progressed, he adapted the workout all the way to taking steps on a treadmill and standing! All of my husband’s doctors were amazed at his strength-it was thanks to Eric and his ability to relate to my husband and encouraging him to keep trying. He would often check in on my husband to see how he was doing after a difficult work out-genuine compassion. We are so grateful.

The Ahmann Family
April 23, 2022

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September 3, 2021

I’ve been training with Eric for over 3 years and he has taken my strength to a level I never imagined! I am 57 years old and am very excited where my physical strength is going under his expertise and guidance. My training sessions are exciting, challenging and have helped me become a stronger person ! 💪🏻 I recommend Eric to anyone that is looking for a professional that knows and cares about you and your fitness goals! I look forward to all my sessions as he is versatile and helps me look forward to my next challenge 💜

Irma (willow) De Armas
September 3, 2021

Eric has been my trainer for 5 years. His knowledge about the function of the body is excellent. He holds me accountable for my fitness behaviors out in the real world. I’ve had some injuries in the past and I am able to work out despite these limitations due to Eric’s guidance. My weight has been a lifetime challenge and Eric has encouraged me to continue to eat right and keep up with my activity in the gym. He will let you know what he thinks and be honest about why he thinks what you are doing may not be helping. I highly recommend Eric if you want someone to tell you how it is and hold you accountable!

Michele Pelletiere
August 30, 2021

Eric took the time to walk through my individual needs. Not only did he give me the motivation needed to get the job done, but he invested in my goals and gave me the fuel and motivation to accomplish them. I would reccomend Eric to ANYONE.

Chris Hamilton