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My name is Eric M. Potter and have over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry and counting, coming up to six years spent as a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

When I first got into fitness, I participated in weightlifting as an extra-curricular activity at Telfair High School in McRea, Georgia and gained training experience while assisting my peers during practices. After high school, I attended South Georgia College for Psychology in 2011 but soon realized that fitness is where my future would be. I decided it was time for a fresh start and moved to Naples, FL in 2012 where I pursued my goal.

When first arriving in Florida, I decided I should work on myself struggling with my weight for many years. Over the course of a year, I had lost over 100 pounds through proper exercise as well as a healthy diet. As I made progress throughout the year, my passion for fitness grew and before I realized, people at the gym were coming to me to train and help them lead healthier lives. I enjoyed helping those around me reach their goals and this was the deciding factor to get certified and become a personal trainer.

It was during that first year living in Naples that I first meeting my mentor, a local personal trainer. I took on an apprenticeship in 2013 with a local trainer doing both in-home and at-facility training. By 2014, I juggled a full-time security position and I had started training part time. It was and by 2015 my career as a full-time trainer began. My experience has been with clients from the ages of 12 to 96 each with different goals ranging from weight-loss and strength-training to stability and balance. Without hesitation, I can say I love what I do and now several years later I am still looking for ways to grow my reach and continue to change lives and impact individuals.


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